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Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you’re looking for answers. My team and I are ready to provide them for you using the latest proven methods and completely personalized sleep apnea treatment in Eugene, allowing you to finally get the rest you need night after night.

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Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

The Effects of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep doesn’t just make your mornings difficult, but the entire day becomes a struggle. Chronic exhaustion dramatically increases your risk for getting into a motor vehicle accident or developing serious cardiovascular issues.

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Learn More About Sleep Deprivation

Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

The Effects of Good Sleep

Consistent, quality sleep is essential for both mental and physical health, and it can also go a long way toward helping you have the energy you need to accomplish your goals and be a good friend, parent, or partner.

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Meet Eugene’s Sleep Apnea Expert

Dr. Paskalev has over 13 years of experience in the medical field and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He takes a holistic approach to sleep care that’s designed to not only help his patients rest better, but enjoy improved mental and physical health as well, leading to a richer, more fulfilled life. He utilizes an individualized approach for each patient to ensure they always wake up feeling their best.

Get to Know Dr. Paskalev

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Effective Sleep Apnea Appliances

With a custom-made sleep appliance, Dr. Paskalev can help someone stop snoring, overcome sleep apnea, and enjoy renewed levels of energy, all without using a loud CPAP machine or invasive surgery. His oral appliances are fully-tailored for each patient and made of the highest-quality materials, so they are guaranteed to provide excellent sleep night after night. They can also help those patients who struggle with nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism.

Learn More About Sleep Appliances

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Medical Insurance & Financing

Many patients are thrilled to find out that they may be able to use their medical insurance to help pay for their sleep appliance. We are even a Medicare approved provider. And, for those who lack coverage, our sleep apnea dental office near Corvallis makes it easy to sign up for third-party financing to keep everything affordable. With us, taking care of your sleep problems won’t require you to sacrifice your budget in the process!

Explore Your Financial Options

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