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Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

You’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you’re looking for answers. My team and I are ready to provide them for you using the latest proven methods and completely personalized sleep apnea treatment in Eugene, allowing you to finally get the rest you need night after night.

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Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

The Effects of Poor Sleep

Poor sleep doesn’t just make your mornings difficult, but the entire day becomes a struggle. Chronic exhaustion dramatically increases your risk for getting into a motor vehicle accident or developing serious cardiovascular issues.

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Welcome to a Better Night's Rest

The Effects of Good Sleep

Consistent, quality sleep is essential for both mental and physical health, and it can also go a long way toward helping you have the energy you need to accomplish your goals and be a good friend, parent, or partner.

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Meet Eugene’s Sleep Apnea Expert

Dr. Paskalev has over 13 years of experience in the medical field and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. He takes a holistic approach to sleep care that’s designed to not only help his nearby patients rest better, but enjoy improved mental and physical health as well, leading to a richer, more fulfilled life. Whether you have central sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea , he utilizes an individualized approach for each patient to ensure they always wake up feeling their best.

Get to Know Dr. Paskalev

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Effective Sleep Apnea Appliances

With a custom-made sleep appliance, Dr. Paskalev can help someone stop snoring, overcome sleep apnea, and enjoy renewed levels of energy, all without using a loud CPAP machine or invasive surgery. Each oral appliance therapy , including combined therapy , is fully-tailored for each patient and utilizes the highest-quality materials, so they are guaranteed to provide excellent sleep night after night. They can also help those patients who struggle with nighttime teeth grinding, or bruxism.

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Medical Insurance & Financing

Many patients are thrilled to find out that they may be able to use their medical insurance to help pay for their sleep appliance. We are even a BlueCross BlueShield sleep apnea doctor in your area as well as a Medicare approved provider. And, for those who lack coverage, our sleep apnea dental office near Corvallis makes it easy to sign up for third-party financing to keep everything affordable. With us, taking care of your sleep problems won’t require you to sacrifice your budget in the process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always encourage patients and potential patients to let us know if they have any questions about sleep apnea and our approach to treating it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything that you would like to know. If you are thinking of doing a little bit of research on your own first, check the FAQs below; you’ll find our answers to some of the inquiries that tend to be on the minds of a lot of people who are seeking treatment for a sleep disorder.

Can I Treat Sleep Apnea Myself?

There are a few steps you can take at home to address your sleep apnea symptoms. For example, losing weight or sleeping on your side instead of on your back can often help. That being said, though, it’s generally preferable to consult a trained professional who can provide a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your sleep disorder. Reach out to us as soon as possible if you’re ready to enjoy more restful nights again.

Can an Oral Appliance Replace CPAP?

While CPAP therapy is the most common type of treatment for sleep apnea, many people stop using the machine after a while due to finding it uncomfortable. If you no longer wish to rely on your CPAP machine, it may be possible for you to switch to oral appliance therapy. Not only do oral appliances tend to offer better comfort than CPAP masks, but they’re much simpler to use and are easy to travel with. Dr. Paskalev and the rest of our team can determine whether you’re a candidate for oral appliance therapy based on your situation.

How Much Does a Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance Cost?

Bear in mind that there are different kinds of oral appliances that you can potentially get based on your circumstances. The type of appliance you end up getting will play a significant role in determining how much you will need to pay for your treatment. Rest assured that we will be transparent when it comes to the financial aspect of your care. On top of that, we accept a variety of insurance plans as well as Medicare, and we even give our patients the option of using CareCredit financing to make their treatments more budget-friendly.

What are the Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Loud snoring is often a side effect of sleep apnea. On top of that, many people with the disorder tend to feel excessively tired during the day. They might also experience sudden mood swings and bouts of depression, and they often have trouble concentrating. Additionally, the disorder can make it more difficult to lose weight. Please contact us if you think you might have sleep apnea; we will be happy to explain what steps will need to be taken to have your sleep disorder diagnosed so that you can be treated.

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