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Types of Oral Appliances – Eugene, OR

Oral Appliances
Designed for
Every Patient

Doctor Paskalev talking to a patient about the types of oral appliances in Eugene

Sure, it’s easy to just buy any oral appliance online. However, these options tend to cause more problems, rather than solve them. Oftentimes, they won’t fit properly in your mouth and are also quite uncomfortable. They can even lead to jaw pain when used for long enough. In other cases, online appliances can make your snoring and sleep apnea symptoms even worse! Better Sleep Eugene is dedicated to learning about every one of our patients, determining their specific needs, and offering the right types of oral appliances in Eugene for our sleep apnea patients. This is why Dr. Paskalev designs each oral appliance specific to the patient's needs. The last thing you should be thinking about when trying to get to sleep is how your oral appliance feels!


Hand holding light purple SomnoMed oral appliance

With the SomnoDent sleep apnea oral appliance from SomnoMed, which is a premium, custom-fitted oral appliance designed to stop snoring and symptoms related to sleep apnea, we can ensure you achieve the most comfortable and effective sleep apnea treatment possible. It’s a fantastic alternative to CPAP therapy and corrective surgery, remains durable for many years at a time, and helps you get back into a consistent sleep schedule. Many patients begin to notice results after just a few days of use!


Herbst light blue oral appliance

If you have jaw growth discrepancies, the Herbst, which is a functional orthopedic appliance, may be the option for you, especially if you use Medicare benefits. This device is also custom-made to fit your mouth exactly and is perfect for growing patients. It’s also made using surgical-grade stainless steel, ensuring that it provides many years of use. While often used for orthodontic purposes, it also serves well for sleep apnea treatment as it repositions the lower jaw to keep muscles and soft tissues in the back of the mouth and the throat open.


Prosomnus clear oral appliance

If you’re looking for one of the smallest and most comfortable oral appliances for sleep apnea and snoring, the Prosomnus is a great option worth considering. While repositioning your jaw to expand the airway, it also offers plenty of space in your mouth for the tongue to rest comfortably as you sleep. It also comes in two parts: one arch that fits over the upper teeth and one that fits over the lower teeth.

Panthera D-SAD

Panthera D SAD white oral appliance

If you’re looking for an oral appliance that is truly on the cutting edge of snoring and sleep apnea treatment technology, the Panthera D-SAD is in a league of its own. This appliance is smaller and slimmer, making it easier to use and wear throughout the night. Additionally, it is made from stronger material, meaning you can get even more years of use out of it before needing a replacement.